The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life--Tenth Anniversary Edition

The popular guide to living with kindness now includes a new chapter, introduction, and exercises in this tenth anniversary edition. 

When The Power of Kindness first appeared in 2006 it thrilled and challenged listeners with one audacious promise: Your acts of generosity and decency are the secret to a fuller, more satisfying life. Kindness is not some squishy virtue but the very key to your own happiness. 

With nearly 125,000 copies sold, we're celebrating the book's tenth anniversary with this new edition, featuring a complete new chapter by Piero Ferrucci on the theme of "Harmlessness", which joins his other chapters on virtues such as "Honesty", "Warmth", and "Loyalty". In addition, Ferrucci contributes a substantial new introduction and selection of techniques, meditations, and exercises. This tenth anniversary volume is perfect for new listeners and for lovers of the original who want to re-experience its wisdom and power.

Superhubs: How the Financial Elite and Their Networks Rule Our World

One of Bloomberg's best books, 2016

$uperhubs is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how the world's most powerful titans, the superhubs, pull the levers of our global financial system. Combining insider's knowledge with principles of network science, Sandra Navidi offers a startling new perspective on how superhubs build their powerful networks and how their decisions impact all our lives. $uperhubs reveals what happens at the exclusive, invitation-only platforms - the World Economic Forum in Davos, the meetings of the International Monetary Fund, think-tank gatherings, and exclusive galas. 

This is the most vivid portrait to date of the global elite: the bank CEOs, fund managers, billionaire financiers, and politicians who, through their interlocking relationships and collective influence are transforming our increasingly fragile financial system, economy, and society.

The Third Screen: The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing

With the "first screen" - the television - companies sent ads directly into consumers' living rooms, reaching millions with one campaign. The "second screen" - the personal computer - increased interaction between companies and consumers and allowed for immediate customer feedback. Now, the "third screen" - the mobile device - has changed the game in an even more revolutionary way. 

The Third Screen: The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing defines the implications, strategies, and tactics used to thrive in business during the mobile revolution. This revised, updated audiobook links technological developments to behavioral changes, reveals the unexpected forces of the changes in mobile, and equips marketers and businesses for the future.

The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book: 2,000+ Phrases for Any HR Professional, Manager, Business Owner, or Anyone Who Has to Deal with Difficult Workplace Situations

No one wants to go into a tenuous situation blind and fumbling for words. Rather than shy away from a difficult situation or conversation, The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book, is the ideal resource to help anyone prepare for and prevail in these situations. 

Some situations are unpredictable, and you can't plan for every conversation, but having the right words on hand empowers you to stand up to conflict rather than run from it. The more you practice confronting and even embracing conflict, the stronger that habit will become and the less likely you will feel like fleeing from a difficult situation. 

The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book is a great resource that everyone should have, to approach any difficult situation with the assurance that the words will come out right! You will learn: 


  • Positive things to say when you're initiating or responding to a difficult conversation 
  • How to find and craft language to start a conversation 
  • The right words for you to positively influence the situation 


The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book is a natural complement to the authors' previous best seller, The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook.

The Culture Solution: How to Achieve Cultural Synergy and Get Results in the Global Workplace

In today's global business reality, the ability to work across cultures is key to teamwork and productivity. The Culture Solution is the book to provide businesspeople a step-by-step system to manage and recognize for themselves the cultural factors that affect international relationships and global partnerships. 

Using the new method of cultural analysis created by Deirdre Mendez, international managers can solve problems and create cultural synergies that produce the most productive international teams, projects, and alliances.

The Regenerative Business: Redesign Work, Cultivate Human Potential, Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes

What if leaders stripped away all preconceptions about how business operates, allowing the organization to go back to its core and build itself back up to become something new - something so responsive, so innovative and resilient, it becomes virtually non-displaceable in the market? 

The Regenerative Business sets the stage for what is now only dreamt of by most of today's forward-thinking leaders and paves the path to make it possible. The audiobook features: 


  • Real stories from companies leading innovation and transformation across the globe including: Google, Colgate Europe, Seventh Generation, Nike, and others 
  • A logical, comprehensive approach that factors in the complexities of the modern organization 
  • The work of internationally-recognized leadership expert Carol Sanford, who for decades has been designing and leading systemic business change

Elements of Taste: Understanding What We Like and Why

From My Little Pony to the Sex Pistols: An engaging exploration of why we love what we love. 

Katy Perry. Wes Anderson. Coldplay. Star Wars. HamiltonGilmore Girls. We all have our most and least favorite things. But why? 

In this smart, funny, and well-researched audiobook, Benjamin Errett brings together the latest findings from the worlds of psychology, criticism, neuroscience, market research, and more to examine what taste really means - and what it can teach us about ourselves. 

Covering kitsch, nostalgia, snobbery, bad taste, George Michael, and what it means to be "basic", this is the ultimate listen for anyone who devours popular and not-so-popular culture.

No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life

Three-time New York Times best-selling author and six-time WWE champion Chris Jericho shares 20 of his most valuable lessons for achieving your goals and living the life you want, jam-packed with fantastic stories and the classic off-the-wall, laugh-out-loud Jericho references he's famous for. 

Chris Jericho has known what he wanted out of life since he was a teenager: to be a pro wrestler and to be in a rock 'n' roll band. Most of his high school friends felt that he lacked the tools necessary to get into either, but Chris believed in himself. With the wise words of Master Yoda echoing through his head ("Do or do not. There is no try."), he made it happen. As a result, Chris has spent a lifetime doing instead of merely trying, managing to achieve his dreams while learning dozens of invaluable lessons along the way. 

No Is a Four-Letter Word distills more than two decades of showbiz wisdom and advice into 20 easy-to-listen-to chapters. From developing a strong work ethic, thanks to WWE chairman Vince McMahon, remembering to always look like a star from Gene Simmons of KISS, learning to let it go when the America's Funniest Home Videos hosting gig goes to his rival, adopting a sense of perpetual reinvention from the late David Bowie, making sure to sell himself like his NHL-legend father Ted Irvine taught him, or going the extra mile to meet Keith Richards (with an assist from Jimmy Fallon), Chris has learned countless lessons during his decades-long career. Now, in the hopes that those same principles might help and inspire his legions of fans, Chris has decided to share them while recounting the fantastic and hilarious stories that led to the birth of these rules. The result is a fun, entertaining, practical, and inspiring audiobook from the man with many scarves but only one drive: to be the best. After listening to No Is a Four-Letter Word, you'll discover that you might have what it takes to succeed as well.... You just need to get out there and do it. That's what Jericho would do.

Silva UltraMind's Intuitive Guidance System for Business

The secret to business success is intuition. It's not just a matter of following your hunches. It's about following the right hunches. Being able to sense people's inner thoughts and needs helps you say and do the things needed to quickly reach your goals and achieve success. 

Many people know this, but many also believe that a good sense of intuition is something that you're just born with - not something that you can develop and train. 

Jose Silva, developer of the world-famous Silva Mind Control Method, had proved them wrong. Now, with Mr. Silva's state-of-the-art UltraMind Intuitive Guidance System for Business, you can learn how to use your intuition regularly and reliably. 

You will learn how to: 


  • Program yourself to do the right thing at the right time in order to take advantage of opportunities and increase income 
  • Sense what other people's real wants and needs are so that you can say the right thing at the right time when negotiating, managing subordinates, or reporting to superiors and shareholders 
  • Learn mental techniques to establish immediate rapport with co-workers, customers, clients, and suppliers 
  • Program your work environment for success 
  • Trust your judgment and your decisions and end doubt and second-guessing

Raise Your Team's Employee Engagement Score

Want employees that go the extra mile? 

Love them or hate them, employee engagement surveys are here to stay. As manager, you're expected to digest the data and come up with a plan for improving the numbers. But it's not just busy work. 

Raising engagement scores matters because engagement matters. An enthusiastic workforce translates into higher productivity and profitability with less turnover and absenteeism. Fully committed workers will give their all every day - and it's your job to make that happen. 

Forget company picnics or employee-of-the-month awards. For real results, listen to Raise Your Team's Employee Engagement Score. In this practical, research-based playbook, retention expert Richard Finnegan reveals how to: 


  • Build trust with your team 
  • Implement stay interviews 
  • Develop an employee value proposition 
  • Leverage company engagement programs 
  • Hire employees who self-motivate 
  • Apply smarter, better metrics 
  • Measure progress and forecast future engagement 
  • And more 


By following Finnegan's techniques, you'll send those engagement scores through the roof...and it won't cost your company a dime.

Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed

Brian Tracy, the world's leading authority on success and personal achievement, gives you his proven principles and step-by-step tips for raising your self-esteem and improving your life. This audiobook is based on his seminar program that has dramatically improved the income and lives of over one million graduates. It is based on proven principles drawn from psychology, religion, philosophy, business, economics, politics, history, and metaphysics. These ideas are combined in a fast-moving, informative series of steps that will lead you to greater success than you ever imagined possible. 

You'll hear about ideas, concepts, and methods used by high-achieving people in every field everywhere. Using his powerful, proven system...based on years of research and practice, you'll build self-confidence and self-esteem, set and achieve all your major goals, increase your income, and take complete control of your life as you unlock your full potential. You will become more positive, persuasive, and powerfully focused in everything you do and improve every area of your life. You'll achieve more in the next two years than many people accomplish in a lifetime. 

When you begin to practice these powerful principles in your life, you'll be happier, healthier, more fulfilled, and earning more than you may have ever thought. 

(Most of this title was previously published under Personal Success Made Simple.)

Mastering Business Negotiation: A Working Guide to Making Deals and Resolving Conflict

Mastering Business Negotiation is a great resource for any leader or manager who needs practical strategies and ideas when conducting business negotiations. Grounded in solid research, the authors - experts in the field of business negotiation - reduce the huge volume of available information into an important audio for busy executives who need to prepare for everyday negotiations as well as for more demanding and complex negotiation situations. 

Mastering Business Negotiation offers down-to-earth advice for learning to play the negotiation game and shows how to: 


  • Understand the game so you can better control what happens 
  • Predict the sequence of negotiation activities and move from disagreement toward agreement 
  • Identify the strategies and tactics of other players in the game 
  • Apply the rules of the game - the "dos and don'ts" that will ultimately lead to success 


No matter what you call negotiation - bargaining, haggling, horse trading, or managing differences - the basic skills and techniques of the master negotiator outlined in this book are essential for resolving conflicts, handling difficult conversations, protecting oneself against a competitive adversary, or negotiating a good business deal. The techniques and suggestions outlined can also be used for more informal day-to-day negotiations on the job such as selling, buying, and team building.

Don't Pay for Your MBA: The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Get the Business Education You Need

Who needs a mountain of debt?

Each year, the nation's top business schools are flooded with applications from people eager to pursue their MBA dreams. But those aspirations come at a steep price. According to U.S. News and World Report, the average debt load for graduates of NYU's Stern School of Business, MIT's Sloan School of Management, and other top business schools exceeds $100,000. 

Like most, author Laurie Pickard couldn't shoulder that. But she faced a dilemma: despite two degrees and a Peace Corps stint, she needed a business education to land her dream job in international development. She decided to take her education into her own hands, and found that some of those same prestigious business schools offer MOOCs (massive online open courses) for low or even no cost. By picking the right classes from the best schools, she gained the skills - without all the debt. 

In Don't Pay for Your MBA, Pickard shows self-starters, career changers, and budding entrepreneurs how to navigate the expanding universe of online education. Building on her popular No-Pay MBA blog, Pickard reveals how to: 


  • Define your goals and tailor a curriculum that works for you 
  • Master the language of business 
  • Build a strong network 
  • Choose a concentration and deepen your expertise 
  • Showcase your nontraditional education in a way that attracts offers 


Self-directed learning fills gaps in your training, positions you for promotions, and opens up new opportunities. Why pay exorbitant tuition when you can MOOC your way to success?

The Self-Love Experiment: Fifteen Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself

Put a stop to self-sabotage and overcome your fears so that you can gain the confidence you need to reach your goals and become your own best friend. 

Too many people seem to believe that they are not allowed to put themselves first or go after their own dreams out of fear of being selfish or sacrificing others' needs. The Self-Love Experiment rectifies this problem. Whether you want to achieve weight loss, land your dream job, find your soul mate, or get out of debt, it all comes back to self-love and accepting yourself first. Shannon Kaiser learned the secrets to loving herself, finding purpose, and living a passion-filled life after recovering from eating disorders, drug addictions, corporate burnout, and depression. 

Shannon walks you through her own personal experiment, a simple plan that compassionately guides you through the process of removing fear-based thoughts, so you can fall in love with life. If you want to change your outcome in life, you have to change your daily habits and perspective. Shannon takes you on this great journey into self-love and true self-acceptance.

50 Great Myths of Human Evolution: Understanding Misconceptions About Our Origins

50 Great Myths of Human Evolution uses common misconceptions to explore basic theory and research in human evolution and strengthen critical thinking skills for lay audiences, listeners, and students. 


  • Examines intriguing - yet widely misunderstood - topics, from general ideas about evolution and human origins to the evolution of modern humans and recent trends in the field 
  • Describes what fossils, archaeology, and genetics can tell us about human origins 
  • Demonstrates the ways in which science adapts and changes over time to incorporate new evidence and better explanations 


Includes myths such as: "Humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs"; "Lucy was so small because she was a child"; "Our ancestors have always made fire"; and "There is a strong relationship between brain size and intelligence."

The How of Wow: A Guide to Giving a Speech That Will Positively Blow 'Em Away

For speakers who want to make their presentations more impressive than the tens of thousands of speeches delivered (and immediately forgotten) every day, The How of WOW offers a refreshing antidote to the usual formulas. The How of WOW offers hundreds of practical tips, techniques, and illuminating examples to help speakers at every stage of the speech process, from considering an invitation to speak to making sure that the message is remembered even after the speech is over.

Do It, Mean It, Be It: The Keys to Achieve Success, Happiness and Everything You Deserve at Work and in Life

Do It, Mean It, Be It shares the secrets of highly successful executives who have both great careers and meaningful personal lives. It is full of inspiring stories, practical exercises, and checklists that will help you rapidly start doing well and being more fulfilled at work and home right away. No more procrastinating or complaining. This audiobook is all you need to get started on the road to a happier, more successful, and more enjoyable life. 

Do It, Mean It, Be It will help you clarify what is really important to you, help you identify the things you want to change, and give you all the practical tools to get there. You will learn how to: 


  • Take control and create your ideal life. 
  • Build a system to support your personal and professional goals. 
  • Get inspired by real-world stories from highly successful leaders. 
  • Enjoy and maintain your new state. 


Whether you want to jumpstart your career, grow a new business, or just figure out how to work less and spend more time with the people you love, you'll find the inspiration and tools to do it in Do It, Mean It, Be It.

Optimal Success: The Mindset to Creating Wealth and Income!

If you want to reach optimal success in your life, these three best-selling success guides of all time - Think and Grow RichAs a Man Thinketh, and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - will coach you to optimize the person you were born to be!

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Bring meaning and joy to all your days with this internationally best-selling guide to the Japanese concept of ikigai - the happiness of always being busy - as revealed by the daily habits of the world's longest-living people. 

"Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years." (Japanese proverb) 

According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai - a reason for living. And according to the residents of the Japanese village with the world's longest-living people, finding it is the key to a happier and longer life. Having a strong sense of ikigai - the place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect - means that each day is infused with meaning. It's the reason we get up in the morning. It's also the reason many Japanese never really retire (in fact there's no word in Japanese that means retire in the sense it does in English): They remain active and work at what they enjoy, because they've found a real purpose in life - the happiness of always being busy. In researching this book, the authors interviewed the residents of the Japanese village with the highest percentage of 100-year-olds - one of the world's Blue Zones. Ikigai reveals the secrets to their longevity and happiness: how they eat, how they move, how they work, how they foster collaboration and community, and - their best-kept secret - how they find the ikigai that brings satisfaction to their lives. And it provides practical tools to help you discover your own ikigai. Because who doesn't want to find happiness in every day?

Profitable Podcasting: Grow Your Business, Expand Your Platform, and Build a Nation of True Fans

The word is out: content marketing is king. But when nearly every business has a blog, it's tough to stand out. The real secret is that there's a much better tool for spreading influence and generating revenue - one with far less competition.... 

Podcasting offers rich opportunities, especially if you get in early and do it right. Based on the author's experience building a $2 million venture from scratch, Profitable Podcasting lays out the precise formula for creating, launching, marketing, and monetizing podcasts in any industry. 

This indispensable guide explains exactly how to: 


  • Book a lineup of dream guests 
  • Master the art of interviewing and hosting 
  • Automate scheduling, reminders, invitations, airing tables, and more 
  • Manage the creative side, including making intros and outros, designing artwork, and editing episodes 
  • Handle technical details, such as setting up a podcast website, hosting services, and iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play 
  • Promote your show and guests using smart social media tactics 
  • Dominate iTunes rankings and attract sponsorships 
  • Analyze vital metrics, including lead-generation success 
  • Perfect the process and dramatically lower time commitments 
  • Build lasting relationships with guests that blossom into business 


It's true that podcasting may take more technical knowledge than other marketing and sales efforts, but lucrative rewards await once you conquer the learning curve. Profitable Podcasting provides you with everything you need to make it happen. Checklists, production schedules, templates, spreadsheets, recommended third-party tools, visual examples of social media strategies, access to online video tutorials, and other tools simplify the process and get you from zero to launch in just eight weeks. Profitable Podcasting gets you to the payoff quickly and painlessly.

Life Lessons: 125 Prayers and Meditations

This audiobook of prayers and affirmations by the best-selling author of The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron, is full of inspiration and encouragement. 

All too often we yearn for a more spiritual life but tell ourselves it's too difficult. But the smallest prayer is heard and answered. The simplest overture meets with a loving response. Each of the prayers in this audiobook is a starting point. Taken collectively, they offer an approach to God that is powerful as well as simple. These prayers not only allow us to reach out to God, but they allow God to reach out to us. 

The audiobook is called Life Lessons because each entry is a corrective to commonly held misconceptions of the divine. Like the postures assumed in hatha yoga, they stretch us gently. Through these prayers, we learn more of ourselves and the divine.

Brain Bytes: Quick Answers to Quirky Questions About the Brain

Neuroscience in small bits for the brain-curious. 

From magazine covers to Hollywood blockbusters, neuroscience is front and center. This popular interest has inspired many questions from people who wonder just what is going on in the three pounds of tissue between their ears. 

In Brain Bytes, neuroscience educators Eric Chudler and Lise Johnson get right to it, asking and answering more than 100 questions about the brain. Questions include: Does size matter (do humans have the largest brains)? Can foods make people smarter? Does surfing online kill brain cells? Why do we dream? Why can't I tickle myself? Why do cats like catnip? Why do we yawn, and why are yawns contagious? What can I do to keep my brain healthy? 

Whether you are interested in serious topics like the history of neuroscience or practical topics like brain health or fun topics like popular culture, this book is sure to provide your brain with some piece of information it didn't have before.

The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation

Boost morale and productivity by leading with respect. 

The Respectful Leader presents an engaging, thought-provoking lesson for companies seeking off-the-charts performance. Author Gregg Ward draws on 25 years of leadership consulting, coaching, and training experience to reveal the secret to great results: respect. In this true-to-life business fable, he shares the story of Des Hogan, a CEO who discovers that disrespectful behavior on the part of his leadership team is eating away at his company's morale, productivity, and profits. At a loss for a solution, he meets Grace - a straight-shooting, self-described "little old lady" in the maintenance department. With her no-nonsense advice, he sets out to revamp the culture and turn his company around; but first he has to turn inward and realize that his own behavior sets the tone for the company at every level. This enlightening, engaging, and honest story will help you recognize and analyze your own behaviors and interactions and show you how to create a winning culture based on leading with respect. 

Intimidation, micromanagement, and insecurity do not drive top-level performance. True success is built on free-flowing, trusted, and open collaboration between departments, levels, and specialties. This audiobook shows you how to build respect among the ranks - from the top down. 


  • Learn the key respectful leadership behaviors that significantly impact morale 
  • Learn how to adjust your own and others' attitudes to boost productivity, teamwork, and profits 
  • Benefit personally and professionally by leading from a place of mutual respect and consideration 


People perform best when they feel valued and valuable. And when they are respected for their experience, talents, and skills, they'll become personally invested in outcomes - both short- and long-term - and consistently go the extra mile. Respectful leadership ignites passion, innovation, creativity, and efficiency while control-based leadership and intimidation breed complacency and mediocrity. Which environment would better serve your company? The Respectful Leader shows you how to achieve sustainable success with a simple behavioral paradigm shift.

50 Economics Classics: Your Shortcut to the Most Important Ideas on Capitalism, Finance, and the Global Economy

Understand the greatest books in economics with the latest volume in the best-selling 50 Classics series. From Karl Marx to Naomi Klein, from The Wealth of Nations to Piketty's Capital, here are the 50 most important titles on finance and world economy distilled. 

50 Economics Classics considers the legacy of some of the great names including Ricardo, Keynes, Malthus and Friedman and highlights the work of newer writers including Piketty, Luigi Zingales and Enrico Moretti. It presents the most influential titles on finance and work economy, from JL Galbraith's and Ben Bernanke's explanations of the Great Depression to Robert Shiller's spotlight on the tech bubble to Michael Lewis' insights into the causes of the 2008 financial crisis. 

These are the great listens, novel ideas and famous texts in international political economy - illuminated and clarified for all.

50 Great Myths About Atheism

Tackling a host of myths and prejudices commonly leveled at atheism, this captivating audiobook bursts with sparkling, eloquent arguments. The authors rebut claims that range from atheism being just another religion to the alleged atrocities committed in its name. 


  • An accessible yet scholarly commentary on hot-button issues in the debate over religious belief 
  • Teaches critical thinking skills through detailed, rational argument 
  • Objectively considers each myth on its merits 
  • Includes a history of atheism and its advocates 
  • Explains the differences between atheism and related concepts such as agnosticism and naturalism