The Financial Security Bible: How To Build Wealth & Be Happy

In this era of financial uncertainty in the worldwide economy, it is more important than ever to make sure that your own personal economy is secure. In The Financial Security Bible, you'll learn how to build a financial foundation for yourself and your family that no financial hurricane can break through. This book is called a bible, because like the Bible, many of the lessons it contains are embedded in stories and parables that relate to real life situations. It describes the range of lifestyles that encompass all people, from the lifestyle of success to the lifestyle of failure and shows you how to define where you fall within the range. You'll learn common sense ways to improve your financial position, no matter where you fall on the scale. This is not a high powered financial text you will need an MBA to understand, but rather a down to earth guide every person can use to improve their finances and/or become financially independent. Mike will show you how he was able to distill powerful life lessons from seemingly insignificant incidents throughout his life and teach you how to do the same with your life experiences. You will want to read it over and over, because each time, you will gain more knowledge and ideas that will help you build wealth and be happy. If you desire a better future, this is a resource you can't afford to be without.

The Dent Business Academy: Business Strategies for the Winter Season

In this nine-session course from Harry Dent, you learn what to expect in the winter economic season and the best business strategies to stay ahead of your competition. 

Is your business prepared to survive and prosper in the winter season of our economy? How do demographic trends impact your business? If you knew that we are heading into another financial bust, how prepared is your business to stay ahead of your competition? What do you know about the spending wave, S-curve, sunspot, geopolitical, and Treasury bond cycles? How are you applying the new direct model of business to your own business? 

We all know it can be very difficult and time consuming to understand our economy. But we also know that whatever state our economy is in - now and, more importantly, in the future - we have to be prepared and adapt accordingly. The Dent Business Academy: Business Strategies for the Winter Season is Harry Dent's first audio course designed to help small business owners understand the winter season of our economy and how to survive and prosper in the years ahead. 

In this nine-session course, you will learn how the use of demographics and other cycles can help predict (with more certainty) what to expect in this winter season and the best strategies to use in order to evaluate, manage, and possibly change your business plan and stay ahead of your competition. 

Course outline: 


  • Session 1: Four-Season of the Economy: Different Stages for Each Season 
  • Session 2: The Macro Economic Cycles That Drive Our Economy: Boom and Bust Periods and How We Can See the Winter Season Ahead 
  • Session 3: Summary Strategies for Surviving and Prospering in the Winter Season 
  • Session 4: S-Curve and Product Life Cycles for Business Micro Seasons and Strategies 
  • Session 5: Consumer Life Cycle and Micro Demographic Opportunities 
  • Session 6: Immigration, Migration, and Local Demographic Trends 
  • Session 7: International Trends: Emerging Markets Will Dominate Growth Moving Forward 
  • Session 8: The New Direct Model of Business: The Marketing Revolution 
  • Session 9: The New Network Organization: Bottoms-Up Not Top-Down

Sell Like a Professional: Sales Growth Strategies

Let best-selling author and international speaker Brian Tracy teach you to Sell Like a Professional. Let him show you how to use: 


  • The winning edge 
  • The new model of selling 
  • Megacredability in selling 
  • Prospecting power 
  • Relationship selling 
  • Identifying needs and presenting solutions 
  • Overcoming price resistance

Sell Like a Professional: Sales Growth Strategies

Let best-selling author and international speaker Brian Tracy teach you to Sell Like a Professional. Let him show you how to use: 


  • The winning edge 
  • The new model of selling 
  • Megacredability in selling 
  • Prospecting power 
  • Relationship selling 
  • Identifying needs and presenting solutions 
  • Overcoming price resistance

Don't Lose Money: Entrepreneural Growth Strategies

Successful entrepreneurs are those who think better and more successfully than unsuccessful entrepreneurs. One of the most important tools that you can use to make better business decisions is a break-even analysis on every product or service that you offer. Let business expert and world-renowned speaker Brian Tracy show you how to determine your break-even point, how to market and sell your product, and the Seven Step Formula to Profitability. You will learn: 


  • How to conduct a break-even analysis on your business 
  • The four key elements of marketing strategy 
  • The pipeline model of selling effectiveness 
  • Four ways to set advertising budgets 
  • The importance of viewing your business as a bundle of resources capable of doing many different things 
  • The three keys to wealth creation of successful businesses

Mastering Your Money: Entrepreneural Growth Strategies

Many entrepreneurs launch new businesses without carefully analyzing the financial prospects in advance. They think that they can produce and sell products at a profit and that this will be sufficient. All they need to do is sell enough of the products to create profitable businesses. But this is seldom the case. 

Brian Tracy shows you how to: 


  • Evaluate each business expenditure 
  • Project sales and revenue 
  • Develop operating budgets 
  • Start your business with a small investment 
  • Find the money you need to survive 
  • Structure effective loan proposals 
  • Determine the costs 
  • Estimate the lifetime value of each customer 
  • And much more!

Weekend Millionaire's Real Estate FAQ: Answers All Your Questions About Making a Fortune in Real Estate

Answers to your real estate questions to help you think, act, and invest like a millionaire. 

In their national best seller Weekend Millionaire's Secrets to Investing in Real Estate, Mike Summey and Roger Dawson introduced a powerful formula for making a killing in real estate in your spare time. The Weekend Millionaire Real Estate FAQ provides in-depth answers to the most frequently asked questions submitted by Mike and Roger's students. You also get advice on how to use their extremely popular website,as well as more of the proven strategies, tools, and techniques you need to: 


  • Research great investment properties 
  • Structure offers and get them accepted 
  • Manage, maintain, and increase property value 
  • Convert home equity into retirement income 


The Weekend Millionaires have the answers to your real estate questions, including: 


  • How long should I wait before I quit my job and invest in real estate full time? 
  • Do you recommend 15-year or 30-year mortgages? 
  • Should the utilities be in my name, the management company's, or the tenant's? 
  • Do abandoned properties make good purchases for investors? 
  • What is a direct principal reduction loan? 
  • Is it really possible to buy properties when I have no money to put down? 
  • What services should I expect from a CPA?

What to Do When the Bubble Pops: Personal and Business Strategies for the Coming Economic Winter

Harry Dent has been predicting for some time that we are about to enter a prolonged downturn, one that will be looked at by historians as a classic economic depression, due to demographic factors: one of the largest generations in history - the baby boomers - are leaving the workplace, either due to planned retirement or involuntarily (due to layoffs or not being able to find work), which will have a profound impact on all sectors of our economy. This economic downturn could have been swifter and the pain much less had the Fed allowed it to happen naturally. However, due to several rounds of quantitative easing, essentially pumping "free money" into the economy, the Fed has not only delayed the inevitable, but they have ensured that the downturn will be much longer and much more severe than it could have been. 

Harry Dent believes that the Fed cannot keep the bubble from popping much longer - and when it does pop, every individual will need to be prepared for a period he calls an "economic winter". In this program, you'll learn the personal and business strategies that will be essential to protect and preserve your assets and the few areas of the economy that will still do well during this winter period. This is essential listening for every American citizen.

Selling Is So Easy, It's Hard: 77 Ways Salespeople Shoot Themselves in the Wallet

Salespeople: Stop Shooting Yourselves in the Wallet! 

Most sales training programs offer the same old pointers: Always be closing, keep it simple, stupid, and ask for referrals. You know these clichés. Selling Is So Easy, It's Hard is the first program to focus on the 77 correctable selling mistakes that novices and veterans make. Without conscious awareness, these errors, snafus, miscues, and blunders keep the typical seller from earning at least 25% more business. This translates into millions of dollars in lost income over the course of a career, according to best-selling author and speaker Dr. Gary S. Goodman. 

Goodman, a top salesperson, internationally respected Fortune 1000 consultant, and CNBC expert, admits to having committed every mistake he describes in this lively and dynamic program. "Why beat yourself up without beating your quota?" he asks. Get out of your own way, now, and prosper!

How to Feel Better: Boost Your Immune System and Reduce Inflammation for Lifelong Health and Vitality

Do you want to be more alert? Do you experience symptoms that have no obvious cause? Discover why countless health problems may have inflammation as a common denominator. Learn about the link between allergy and suicide and how too much immunity can trigger depression and fatigue. 

Heart disease and cancer are also linked with too much immunity in the form of inflammation. But too little immunity can result in infection. This program will provide a clear understanding of how the immune system works and ways you can achieve a state of optimal health. 


  • Learn how stress and self-destructive emotions can bring about infection and autoimmunity 
  • Understand how immune system cytokines can trigger depression and fatigue 
  • Learn how anti-inflammatory diets can lessen the pain of inflammation 
  • Discover how personality can predict flare-ups of autoimmunity

The Secrets of Power Negotiating Live!

No matter what you want, you can negotiate for it and get it. No matter what your background, education, or current position, you can systematically and consistently build a dazzling stockpile of wealth that will be the envy of everyone you know. 

Do you want to always get the best possible deal with suppliers, contractors, salespeople, real estate agents, etc.? Do you want a higher salary? Do you want to learn how you can find discounts and deals on practically everything? If so, you must learn how to become a power negotiator. 

Negotiation is a skill that can bring you vast success in all aspects of your life. When you're a skilled negotiator, you can get the best possible price on everything you purchase or sell, and you can deal with salespeople or clients. And in this program, you'll take a front row seat at this live seminar, and be instructed by world-renowned negotiation expert Roger Dawson on how to master this vital skill. 

For example, the program gives you specific ways to: 


  • Get the best possible price when you buy or sell a house, a car, a business, real estate, or any negotiable item. 
  • Get a raise or promotion. 
  • Keep employees happy without giving in to unreasonable demands. 
  • Get a new and better deal with your landlord or mortgage loan officer. 
  • Stop being stonewalled by store clerks, petty bureaucrats, service and repair people, and others. 
  • Get more cooperation from your corporate peers and subordinates. 
  • Get bigger loans and better terms from your banker. 
  • Uncover valuable "hidden information". 
  • Be more confident in virtually any interpersonal situation, plus many other situations you run into in your daily life.

Tele-Sales: How to Get Business on the Telephone

Dr. Kerry Johnson is an international speaker, a coach, and the best-selling author of seven books, including Peak Performance and Behavioral Investing. In this audiobook he will make your telephone a profit center. 

Some of the skills you'll learn are: 


  • The 3 best closes to use on the phone 
  • How to book appointments 
  • What to say when someone says, "I'm not interested" 
  • How to avoid telephone tag 
  • How to get your calls returned 
  • How to beat "call reluctance" 


Includes a detailed reference guide.

Making More Money

Would you like to make more money? Let business expert, Brian Tracy, show you how easy it is. Being able to position and sell your product or service against your competitors requires intelligence, judgment, creativity, flexibility and continuous experimentation. These are all skills that you can learn with practice. Whether it's a critical business plan, an effective sales presentation, a focused marketing plan to reach your ideal customer, or finding key people to build your business, this audiobook is for you. You'll Learn How to: 


  • Identify your key competitors 
  • Develop a clear competitive strategy 
  • Define your perfect customer 
  • Create a blueprint for your business plan 
  • Focus all your marketing and selling activities 
  • Achieve business success

The Ten Myths About Real Estate: And the Truths That Will Make You Wealthy

After the real estate crash of 2007, most people - both the so-called "experts" and amateur investors alike - thought the opportunity to make money in real estate had passed for good. However, as it turns out, just when all of those people were leaving the market, the true real estate investors were buying up as many properties as they could, realizing that they were buying on sale. They didn't fall for the myth that real estate is no longer a good investment. 

In this enlightening audio program, The Ten Myths About Real Estate: And the Truths That Will Make You Wealthy, global real estate investor Dolf De Roos will debunk this myth and nine other persistent myths about the real estate market that keep most people from making big money in real estate - regardless of what the economists or the media elites have to say. Dolf is not a media expert, an economist, or a trend analyst. He is an actual real estate investor - one who has made money investing not only in the US but in nearly every major country around the world. So, while others are listening to the hype, make sure you listen and learn from someone who has made and continues to make big money in the real estate business. In this program, you'll learn: 


  • The three most important rules in real estate 
  • The role that baby boomers and millennials are playing in the real estate market 
  • Why "fixing and flipping" real estate is not investing in real estate 
  • The role of crowd funding in real estate investing 
  • The myth that real estate investing is too complex for the average person 
  • And much more!

Start Your Own Business

Your most valuable asset is your mind. It is your ability to think, to question, to analyze and then to decide and take action. Each lesson in Start Your Own Business will give you key ideas and exercises that will help you to make better decisions and get better results. Your job is take action on these decisions once you have made them. You will learn how to: 


  • Determine the right business opportunity for you, based on your talents, interests and abilities 
  • Find products or services you can create or offer in a variety of different way 
  • Uncover business opportunities around you that other people never see, or overlook 
  • Identify your target market 
  • Analyze Your Competition 
  • Determine Your Costs 
  • Generate sales, revenues and profits by finding newer, better and faster ways to add value

The Mindset of Top Salespeople: Sales Growth Strategies

Selling is both an art and a science that can be learned through study and practice. Most salespeople who are not successful have never been properly trained in the underlying motivations that cause people to act and react to commercial messages and sales proposals. The more you know about how and why people do the things they do, the faster and easier it will be for you to turn prospects into customers. Successful salespeople are far better at building and maintaining high-quality relationships with their prospects and customers than average salespeople. People decide emotionally and then justify logically. 

How the customer feels about you as a person will have more of an influence on what the customer decides than any other factor. It is imperative that you develop and exercise your personality muscles so that you become a nicer, more positive, and more likable person in everything you do. 

Why is it that people buy or refuse to buy? No matter what you are selling, customers will have concerns that you must resolve before you can proceed to a sale. Your ability to handle these questions is a key skill that is essential to your sales success. More than 100 years of research and countless millions of dollars have been invested in seeking the causes for success and failure in selling. Let Brian Tracy teach you: 


  • The key success principle in selling 
  • The law of indirect effort 
  • The most powerful buying influence 
  • The use of authority in selling 
  • The "feel, felt, found" method of dealing with objections 
  • How to get past the gatekeeper 
  • How to get action and closing the sale 
  • The Pareto principle in modern selling 
  • The key question for time management in selling

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary: The 500 Words You Need to Know to Transform Your Vocabulary...and Your Life

Words. They're the foundation of nearly everything of value in our world. They have the power to create, and the power to destroy. The power to inspire and to terrify. The power to enlighten, and also to obscure. And, more specifically for you, they have the power to attract wealth and success, and guarantee your brighter future. This is not hyperbole -- it is based on rock solid research. Studies show that those people with large vocabularies are smarter, wealthier and happier than the average person -- and substantially so. And here's the best news of all, a large vocabulary is not tied to your social status, your genes or even your education level. It is a skill that can be learned -- and it takes only 30 days. In this cutting-edge program, 30 Days To a More Powerful Vocabulary, personal development expert and English enthusiast, Dan Strutzel, will instruct, enlighten and inspire you with a concentrated 30-day program that will teach you over 500 words. But, more than teaching you these words, the uniquely designed morning and evening review sessions will ensure that these words become a habit-knit part of your life -- and with minimal effort on your part. Best of all, research shows that learning new words has an exponential effect on the size of your vocabulary -- since learning one word, naturally produces an association between two to three more words. In short, after listening to and applying the system in this 30-day program, you will not only have a bigger vocabulary -- you will have a brighter future!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn:

  • The ten myths about building a dynamic vocabulary.
  • The secret behind the exponential effect of vocabulary building.
  • A 30-day program designed to maximize learning and comprehension of over 500 words.
  • The words you need to know about money and financial issues.
  • The words you need to know about persuading others.
  • The words you need to know about marriage, parenting and other relationships.
  • The words you need to know about science.
  • The words you need to know to be a great conversationalist.
  • Why building a large, dynamic vocabulary is even more valuable in the digital age.
  • And much more!

The Secrets of Power Salary Negotiating

Are you earning what you're worth? Master negotiator Roger Dawson shows you how to get a better deal from your current employer and how to negotiate the best deal from a new employer. And you won't come off as greedy, overly aggressive, or selfish. In fact you'll learn how to win salary negotiations and still leave your boss feeling like he or she has actually won! You'll also learn how to become more valuable to your employer or prospective employer and how to develop power and control over your career and gain an amazing ability to get what you want.

A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds introduces a tested ideation and creative thinking methodology developed over the author's 36-year career as a creative communications professional and ideation exper

A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds introduces a tested ideation and creative thinking methodology developed over the author's 36-year career as a creative communications professional and ideation expert. This methodology and the associated tools are being applied in personal lives and professional careers, helping people connect to their individual ways of operating creatively. This how-to book on ideation focuses an individual's creative lens and makes the process of generating ideas highly tangible. It is not simply about techniques; it is also about understanding a context of personal, individual creativity that allows individuals to more fully understand and embrace the Brilliant ideation techniques. Most importantly it is about speed: generating ideas - right now! 

The book is comprised of three components: 

  • Examining individual creativity: understanding the nature of your individual creative process; exploring how you think and operate creatively; understanding how others think and operate creatively; and maximizing the way groups, teams, and think tanks work together creatively and reach their creative potential.
  • The ideation toolkit: understanding the nine inherent values (idea triggers) and how they work to generate idea strings and actionable ideas and the matrix of these inherent values, which makes the creative process and ideation tangible. 
  • Case studies: examining over 30 case studies ranging from advertising campaigns and live events to problem-solving situations and innovative product development.

Winning the Stress Challenge

In Winning the Stress Challenge, you will learn the ways stress can trigger illness and sap your motivation; discover how to counter stress by taking control of emotions; learn how touch, aromas, and balanced breathing can counter stress; learn a stress-recovery workout that will train you to automatically overcome stress; and learn techniques for dealing with toxic relationships.

The Politically Incorrect Success System

The cancer of "political correctness" has not only helped to form a society of insincere, oversensitive, and underachieving people - it has deprived individuals of the joy of living authentically and boldly, the life the late Henry David Thoreau called people to live when he implored us to move "confidently in the direction of our own dreams". Well, living authentically and boldly has never been a problem for Larry Winget. Known as the Pitbull of Personal Development®, Larry is not afraid to tell it like it is about what it takes to be successful. And he's also not afraid of skewering some of those well-known shibboleths of personal development - like the law of attraction and the path of "effortless success" that are peddled by so many motivational speakers. 

In this program Larry will take on the political correctness that has infected our society and the personal development industry. And he'll outline an effective "back to the basics" approach to help you be more successful. Larry still believes that hard work and excellence are the keys to success and communicates that like no other person on the planet can! 

Larry makes you think. He makes you uncomfortable. He offers common-sense solutions that are impossible to argue with. On top of all that, he is hilarious. 

Here's just a few things you'll learn in this unforgettable program: 

  • Why being politically correct will leave you unhappy, uninspired, and unsure about your future. 
  • Why it takes a contrarian approach to be successful and true to yourself in this upside-down politically correct world. 
  • Why you need to fix yourself first rather than putting your focus on how to fix others or society. 
  • Why letting go of your need for approval is essential to happiness. 
  • How to get to the point and ask for what you want in life - directly and decisively. 
  • How to make big, bold, and brash plans for your life.

Achieve Your Goals

Dr. Lee Pulos is a leader in the field of mind/body/spirit. Let him show you how visualization, a mental technique that uses the imagination, can lead to success and make your dreams and goals come true. Benefit from his short hypnosis, self-talk, and subliminal programs to achieve results quickly in any area. 

The future creates the present - not the past. Following a relaxing hypnotic induction, you will be guided on how to create and breathe life into the most optimal future you are choosing to step into at this time of your life.

Effective Speaking

Dr. Lee Pulos is a leader in the field of mind/body/spirit. Let him show you how visualization, a mental technique that uses the imagination, can lead to success and make your dreams and goals come true. Benefit from his short hypnosis, self-talk, and subliminal programs to achieve results quickly in any area. 

This self-talk program provides suggestions for building confidence and helping overcome the one of the most common fears - speaking in front of groups.

Enjoy Exercise

Dr. Lee Pulos is a leader in the field of mind/body/spirit. Let him show you how visualization, a mental technique that uses the imagination, can lead to success and make your dreams and goals come true. Benefit from his short hypnosis, self-talk, and subliminal programs to achieve results quickly in any area. 

Lacking motivation? Do you need that extra nudge to jump start your exercise and wellness routine? This program will provide you with the suggestions to continue and enjoy your exercise routine.

Fear of Flying

Dr. Lee Pulos is a leader in the field of mind/body/spirit. Let him show you how visualization, a mental technique that uses the imagination, can lead to success and make your dreams and goals come true. Benefit from his short hypnosis, self-talk, and subliminal programs to achieve results quickly in any area. 

Many of Dr. Pulos' clients have used this hypnosis program to overcome their fear of flying and listen to it for its calming effect while flying.